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Online Ticket Booking Project A Java Project

Computer Final year students who are interested in developing travelling portal related project then this Online Ticket Booking Project A Java Project will be best choice. This application is commonly used in our day to day life for train bookings, bus ticket bookings tour information…etc. This application will be the alternative for a manual booking mechanism. The main idea for developing this project is to provide secured and updated ticket booking procedure which will focus on Economical, Technical and Operational feasibility. Online-Ticket-Booking-Project-A-Java-Project.

Online Ticket Booking Project application provides GUI as front end with different modifications based on the type of user. Administrator, agent and customer are provided with GUI through which their respective work can be done. customer can enter his source and destination information to find out the services available similarly administrator and agent will perform their respective functionality. This application will provide security at different tiers. 

Over the past decade functional centralization has experienced a strong acceleration thanks to rapid developments in application technology and communication protocols .In past few years functional centralization had shown a rapid growth in application technology and communication protocols .Centralization had showed lot of benefits like cost saving, control improvements, standardization and increase in productivity’s-Ticketing project will deal with centralization and provide better service. In centralization this project provides Strategic coordination ,Compliance control ,Mandated execution ,Functional consolidation. 


Hardware and software Requirements for Online Ticket Booking Project

User interface requirements: Dreamweaver MX.

IDE                                         : Eclipse

Database requirements        : Oracle8.1

Server                                     : Tomcat 5.0

Preferred Technologies        : JavaScript, Java

( Jdbc 2.0,Servlets2.1, JSP 1.2 ,Struts) 

For more information you can download project report and code from this site.

Online Ticket Booking Project document contains.

Requirement Analysis

Hardware and Software Requirements

SRS Document

Software Model

Architectural Pattern

Design Pattern

Scope and Process

Uml Diagrams

Usecase Diagrams

Class Diagrams

Sequence Diagrams ….more.

Download Online Ticket Booking Project  Project report.

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