Online Text Tile on Icon Tiles Project Report

Introduction to Online Text Tile on Icon Tiles Project:

Computerization has made most of our works easy, efficient and swift. The project “Online Text on Icon Tiles” is a web portal which deals with online purchase of tiles. Users can submit online purchase orders for these tiles and also view the details of the various tiles posted by the admin. Various ads are showcased in the site that will earn the admin some monetary benefits.

In the present scenario the bills and transaction are maintained manually through paper work. This may lead to incorrect data or loss of important documents; moreover the whole process will take time and also are less flexible.

The whole project is split into two major modules: Admin and User

Admin Module: Admin has the authority to add a new tile with all its details such as colors available, size, cost, type etc. Photos or images of the tile can also be attached along the details. Admin has the power to modify or delete a present tile. Admin can also post product ads in the site and specify whether it is free or paid. Admin can view orders placed by the user and note the booking code.

User Module: User can browse through all the details posted in the site. Paid and free ads can be viewed by the user that had been posted by the admin. Super business advertisements are also viewed by the user.  They can also view list of tiles with its images. Online purchase order can be placed after viewing a tile’s price and comparing it with other similar ones. User can also read or post reviews about one tile. After ordering the tile online user would get a booking code for further contact reference. To search a tile, all user have to do is type its ID and the whole detail of the tile such as color, price etc. will be displayed

Download Online Text Tile on Icon Tiles computer science Project Report

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