Seamless communication is general and broadly used method under the communication area. Within this area, the modern method introduced is known as RFID technique where object includes RFID labels present on them and allowed under radio frequency area.

Cryptography technique includes both methods encryption and decryption. It is broadly utilized under safety of network system. This is even the old concept to encode the real messages for communication. The RFID concept currently has obtained great concentration within many areas such as in database maintenances, the library organization method, company, media, and also in network safety.

Under the Radio frequency identification (RFID), the entity is applied which is defined like the RFID tag and combined with animal, product, or human being to recognition and to find out the radio frequencies.

 Wireless communication is well known concept of interchanging data. Network is the collection of system or objects that are communicated over the communication platform through wire or wireless communication and it is known as networking. Data confidentiality, Data integrity, Security, Data identification, and Authorized access are described in this project.

Cryptology is an old method to conceal the data for information security. Cryptography is the part of cryptology which confirms the secrecy and authorization of data and hence information is saved from unauthenticated users.


This Network Security Protocol with Cryptography and RFID System ECE Project describes the brief orientation of the ancient and important concept used for network security which is nothing but cryptography. The cryptographic method is broadly used within network security and yet we face the problem of hacking and unauthenticated access.

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