Introduction to Multi Level Car Parking Polytechnic Mechanical Project:

Increasing population is the most facing serious problem in our country. Today India is the second largest populated country in the world that is India having 16% of the world’s population.

When the last census conducted on 1991, 1st march, the country’s population was 846.30 million but currently country’s population estimated around 950 millions.

In the last 50 years the population growth has been increasing rapidly. This rapid growth in population is termed as population explosion.

The rapid growth rate in population is because in the recent times the industrial and technological revolutions had taken place.

By the beginning of the twenty first century, world population is estimated to reach 7 billion. Though several other countries experiencing population explosion, because of the increasing pressure on the country’s limited resources population explosion is major problem and much more severe in our country.

If the population increases then it mainly impacts the land. Day by day agricultural lands and forest areas become occupied by the people.

In offices and for big shopping complexes parking becoming a major issue. As the parking demand growing unexpectedly and significantly engineers are trying frequently to develop different planning strategies of parking.

If the surface area is not sufficient then modular steel car parks gives proper solution when multistory parking is unable to build.

With Modular steel car parking we can expand upwards. In this Modular steel car parking ceiling is made of concrete and tarmac and assembling vertical and horizontal elements in a modular way. With different sizes and shapes we can build more modular units of parking.

In this project of multi-level car parking we are going to give a proper solution for the parking of vehicles technique of Modular steel car parking and can be more useful for the complexes having small surface area.

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