MS Project System Design using UML (Unified Modelling Language)

System Design

The system design for our project has been done by using UML (Unified Modelling Language), as it has become the real time standard for developing Object-Oriented software and it has been widely used in the present software industry. In spite of the language used to develop a application UML is the notation for conveying object-oriented analysis and design. In this section I am going to highlight several steps that our application has taken before the initial model was ready for demonstration using UML. 

In this MS Project we have chosen UML for system design and analysis for several reasons.

  • As our application can be developed using any of the languages C, C++, .NET or Java, so the modelling language used to developed should be language independent.
  • To make clear of various responsibilities and to have a clear understanding of how to work, UML notations are made before the coding part starts.
  • UML is used to eradicate various design errors and problems that we face while the coding part starts. Designing of bad notation will cause so many problems when we develop an application in Object Oriented language.

This Project Paper is written & submitted by Deepak V.

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