Title: Mitigating Denial of Service Attacks on the chord overlay network: A location hiding approach
Study Area Review: Network security

Aims: To develop a java application that can evaluate the migration and Denial of service attacks across the chord overlay network.

Objectives: This application has the following objectives

• To understand what is Denial of Service Attacks on the chord overlay network
• Successfully implementing the location hiding approach
• To develop a java application that can implement every aspect of the hiding approach being followed

Following are few deliverables
• A working java application with proper coding implementing the hiding approach
• Proper documentation as per standards
• Multiple test results to evaluate the performance of the application

Project Type:

This is a network based desktop application developed using java swings concept.

My product will exhibit the attributes of quality, reliability, timeliness and maintainability in the following ways

• Advanced tools like JFRAME builder and Netbeans are used to code the java programs in efficient and reliable manner
• All the possible best practices are implemented to ensure the quality of the application
• Multiple test cases are developed, where the application is tested under several conditions and thus the reliability is ensured.