Meta Search Engine PPT Presentation

Introduction to Meta Search PPT Presentation:

A meta search engine is one of the system that supports access to various search engines that acts locally and it also does not have to maintain its own content on the web pages. Moreover, this is a very effective tool that enables to reach a huge portion of the web. This system is needed to be used very judiciously and cautiously. It is ideal for simple researches especially if the components to be searched are unique and distinctive.

Meta Search Engine

It is good only when you need to search using a few words. For dirty and quick searching this is the best especially when you are in a hurry and only want to note a few of the related sites. It is better to make use of individual search engines for complex searches that involve multiple search terms.

Meta Search Engine Technology:

The meta search engine technology includes techniques that can identify the real meaning of search engine and can also provide good results for a given query. It also includes several methods that can determine the pages that need to be retrieved from the chosen search engines and it also shows how the results generate from the various search engines can be reviewed and merged.

The database selector is highly responsible for sending the query of each if the users to only search engines that are useful for the failures of processing on which it can caused useless traffic network. The process of database selection can be categorized under three headings:

Approaches that are based on learning

Approaches of statistical representations

Approaches of rough representatives

The method of collection fusion helps to determine the web pages that should be retrieved from the selected search engines and it also state the method regarding how the retrieved pages should be merged to form a single list of results. 

Download Meta Search Technical Paper Presentation

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