Academic Search Engine Project

Academic search engine project is a simple web crawler project designed for universities and colleges for finding research papers, previous year woks of various authors.

Project Requirement:


* `Qt4-WebKit`

* `Qt4-Gui`

* `libXML`

* `R-core`

* `XML R-package` 

Project over View:

In order to use these project students should have knowledge on QT and C++ programming, Linux basics.  Search engines are important for finding exact information from web based on the user request. There are large collection of education related papers and projects in academic sites which need a search engine.

Project Advantages:

This application works for single and multiple users with single and multiple search engines simulation sly.

Installation and Execution:

Detailed information about library, packages installation is provided in read me file which is available in download file.

Download source code from below link

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