CNC controllers are an intrinsic part of a machine or an industrial process. The project here “Mechanical Student Project on CNC Machines” explains about CNC machines. These CNC machines can be employed to produce machine tools as well as in control mechanism. CNC controllers are capable of point-to-point control to complex algorithms for machine functions. CNC controllers can control axes from one-five and sometimes even six axes.

Some of the CNC machines are also built with integral displays, touch screen displays and keypads for programming and controlling. The programming language that is used for CNC machine devices is G-code and it can be loaded to the controller for the operation of the machine. To switch on spindle or other devices, M-code is the standard machine tool code employed.

CNC Machines Description:

           Project on CNC machines explains about CNC controller whose main function is to perform binary coded commands. This control code designed for a machine has positioning (used for indicating position of work piece) and switching (controls servo components) information. These coded instructions are either entered manually at the control and at DNC.

         Measuring system records the position of the work piece indicating the completion of the part program. Functions such s lubrication, coolant ON/OFF are activated via PLC through the relays and contactors at electrical panel. CNC machines possess several modes of operation. Machine precision can be greatly improved by features such as stored pitch error compensation. Another feature is helical interpolation that can make large diameter holes in work pieces.


               By using CNC controllers, there is a remarkable increase in the quality of products as well as it offers high flexibility. It increases the productivity and reduces the lead-time. The production is economical in nature and decreases the amount of scrap generated.

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