The Mechanical Paper on Constraint Analysis of Pressure Angle of Involute Elliptical Gears is about the mathematical concept and geometric relationship of pressure angle are prospered depending on the concept of gearing and pressure angle to stop gear teeth to come out of the mesh. This concludes that the pressure angle is a work of position and increment with eccentricity of the pitch.

 The pressure angle must not increase the admissible value for greater meshing effectiveness. The work must aid to manufacture, build, and to measure the elliptical gears.

 The elliptical gear is utilized for non circular gear in flying shears, automatic machinery, flow meters, pumps, and other instruments.

 The elliptical gears concentrate on computer-aided model and kinematical analysis and various important advances have obtained in the last few years. The enveloping concept depends on the concept of utilizing tools like circular gear generation. Based on this concept, the conjugate tooth profiles are created by rolling the cutter centrode and pitch curve. The important relations among gear and cutter motion was determined for shaper cutter and rack generation to satisfy the rolling without sliding.

 The mathematical concept of elliptical gears and circular-arc teeth was improved based on gear theory. The circular-arc radius effected undercutting of teeth and circular-arc elliptical gear. Chang applied the geometry and gear theory of a straight-sided rack cutter for mathematical concept.


 The elliptical gear is famous for its favorable features like compact size, variable gear ratio, accurate transmission and easy dynamic balance. Based on this, the elliptical gears are applied in mechanisms to impact an outcome element based on particular law of motion.

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