Mild steel or wrought iron shaft are present with the lengths varying from 6 to 10 meters to make handy and easy for transportation. The practice shafts in engineering with large lengths are needed for transmission of the torque that is formed by joining two or more shafts for required length. The joining of shafts is accomplished by a device called coupling.

 Requirements of a good shaft coupling include the following notes which are, it must easy to connect or disconnect, must transmission of full energy from source shaft to destination shaft without any losses, must hold the shafts in exact placement, and must reduce the transmit shock burdens from source shaft to destination shaft.

 The assortment of gear couplings is present with many configurations which help to couple two shafts. The gear coupling is customized to save power and bearing breakdown.

 There are many couplings such as precision coupling, gear coupling, flexible coupling, jaw coupling, grid coupling, multi beam coupling, KTR coupling, tyre coupling, and universal coupling etc.


This Mechanical Final Year Project on Design and Fabrication of Tyre Coupling concludes that there are different couplings which are used to join shafts in various ways.

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