MBA Literature Review on The New Practice of Global Product Development

In this article, the author explains the major influences that companies are undergoing due to the pressure of globalization. The author also writes about the different approaches that companies have developed and undertaken in order to make the process more collaborative. The author primarily focuses on the structures of companies and writes about the technological issues which are being taken into consideration in the maintenance of the deliberations and globalization concepts in more than 100 organizations in 15 nations. The author explains the different guidelines which have been introduced during the PTC research in which 30 executives were interviewed.

The authors of the article have also written about the GPD transformation which happens to be of the major concerns of all organizations in today’s world. The author explains the comparison between the traditional approach and the development of a product. The author primarily writes about the infrastructure and management reports. The author also describes some cost reduction facilities which are feasible and effective.

The author mainly emphasizes on the significance of GPD and the elements which are utilized for the global distribution of operations. The author also provides the reader with a thoroughly detailed description on the various factors for succeeding at deployment.

After reviewing this article, the researchers conclude that that the author has run through different topics which provide information on the various factors which influence the process of global outsourcing. The researchers are also of the opinion that there the author must have delved deeper into the concept of globalization. This would have provided a more detailed and comprehensive idea regarding the matter. 

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