Master Chef – Easy & Quick Recipes PHP Project


Computer technology has proved beneficial in many ways, from visible to invisible, spectacular to routine. In every field computer system occupies special place. Computer makes possible smooth and efficient operation.

Cooking has become passion these days, whether may be a student or a working person or a housewife. Now a day so many web sites are available for that but people like variation in their life. In order to give verity to people, this project has been performed.

Master Chef  - Easy & Quick Recipes

In this Master Chef  – Easy & Quick Recipes project we have tried to cover the aspects relating to the accounts of the people. This project unique blend combining the modern technology.

Future Aspects of the Project

Presently our project is based on simple recipe providing system where you can surf recipes and
can give the suggestions.

The future expansion may include information like:

1. How to set a dining table when guests arrive for dinner or lunch.
2. How to make creative things from any fruits of vegetables.
3. How to do the decoration of your dining room.
4. How to garnish the food you serve.
5. Few tips and tricks related to cooking or food.

Project Profile
Operating System : Window XP, Window 7
Front End : HTML, DHTML, PHP, CSS,
Bake End : MySQL
Documentation tools : Microsoft Word

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