Attendance Tracking System Project in PHP

In order to manage students and teachers attendance details and view details we need attendance tracking system project. This project working details, modules, source code is explained in this article. 

Project Title:

Attendance Tracker System 

Project Abstract:

For every education institution, universities there are many students for every branch and many sections for every branch. In order to create report for every student is a time taking process. 

In order to overcome this problem this tracking system software is designed which works on PHP platform using mysql database. 


On daily basis attendance details are update to database by teachers based on students registration numbers. 

Teacher will have unique user name and password for login in where then can track student’s records. 

There are two ways of tracking student’s records first by using user name and other by using register number. 

Project Advantages: 

This application will reduce calculation time for showing students attendance records.

Easy to analyze monthly and weekly records

Students can plan classes by percentage of deficient attendance. 

Download project source code 

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  1. please, i too need the database details of attendance tracking system. help me send it too if u have received it.

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