Manufacturing Process of Turbo Generator by Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Process Project

Manufacturing Process Of Turbo Generator By Vaccum   Pressure Impregnation Process Project is a final year project which explains about understanding step by step procedure for manufacturing turbo generators. This project is done at BHEL as live project.

Power is the basic necessity for the economic development of a country. The production of electrical energy and its per–capital consumption is deemed as an index of the standard of living in a nation in the present day civilization. Development of heavy or large scale industries, as well as medium scale industries, agriculture, transportation, etc., totally depend on electric power resources of engineers and scientists to find out ways and means to supply required power at cheapest rate. The percaptia consumption on average in the world is around 1200KWH. The figure is very low for our country and we have to still go head in power generation to provide a descent standard of living for people. The need for immediate increase in the country’s power production in vital. So, we have to utilize the available resources in better possible manner.

. The alternator makes use of the experiment fact that if a conductor is moved through a magnetic field an e.m.f is induced in it. The magnitude field of this induced e.m.f depends upon the length of conductor actually in the field, the speed of the relative motion between the conductor and the magnetic field, and the strength of the field. The direction of polarity of the induced e.m.f is such that the resulting current flow and the magnetic field around the conductor produced by it tend to oppose the motion which is producing the e.m.f In AC generator the stator holds the armature winding and rotor blocks up the field winding. In generator, the armature is stationary, the field is rotating. For the rotating magnetic field, the DC excitation is necessary.

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