Leadership Theories – Development of Leadership

There have so many leadership theories which make the organization simple to search leaders. There have a number of leadership theories Most of the organization uses these theories for successful management. These theories help the organization to determine better leader and maintain successful management. Some of them are referred in below. They are. 

Behavioral Theory

The companies adopt different theories to sustain a successful administration. So behavioral theory is the one of the most frequently sued theory. Leaders can be made, rather than are born. Successful leadership is based in definable, learnable behavior.

Behavior theories of leadership do not search for inborn abilities or traits. Success can be defined in terms of describable actions. This theory states that that success can be define in form of explainable actions, then it will be very easy for other to act in the same way. This is easier to learn or teach then to adopt more abilities or traits.

Behavior theory explains that leadership quality is not inherit, It should be in the behavior itself. Coca Cola Company follows these theories that give the chance to all employees to develop leadership skill by giving the chance to all employees CEO checks them by giving them chance. After that he sorts out the employees who were good in leadership skills.   It is very easy to develop a behavioral theory and it simply assesses both the actions of leaders and leadership success. Here CEO can recognize behavior use which raises to failure there it added a second layer of understanding.

Trait theory

This theory states that some traits should specifically suit to leadership. People who build goal leaders have a correct amalgamation of traits. Every company leadership was depending on physiological focus of the employee, that the person should have those unique qualities. The CEO will focus on those traits by studding their work structure and their behavior. Trait theory says that the good leaders should have below these qualities. SO coco cola company also focus on this qualities while searching for aright leader for the company.

  • Assertive
  • Willing to assume responsibility
  • Energetic
  • Tolerant of stress
  • Assertive
  • Cooperative
  • Adaptable to situation
  • Persistent
  • Desire to influence others
  • Alert to social environment
  • Achievement oriented and ambitious
  • Decisive

So CEO will check for these qualities in the employees. He searches the person by checking these qualities. So for any leader this qualities is really so important to manage a certain team. These qualities are really very helpful for those people to handle particular group of persons. So team success will base on that leader itself. So coca cola higher authorities use to pay more attention on this.

Beside this for a good leader there is a need of some skills. These are

That He or she should be

  • Persuasive
  • Organized
  • Fluent in speaking
  • Conceptually skilled
  • Diplomatic and tactful
  • Creative
  • Clever
  • Knowledgeable about group work

So Trait theory states that all above qualities and skills are requires becoming a good leader. These qualities play a vital role in achieving these goals of organization.

 Participative leadership theory

This theory mainly focuses on the decision making. This helps the understanding of the issues who makes the taking better decision. People should be understand the different issues and should take good decision. Here people should be more collaborative and they should less competitive when they are working for team goals. Here people take decision together, this commitment towards each helps taking good decision. People deciding together can, make better decisions rather than single person alone.

So Coca Cola Company follows this theory .According to this theory the decision making process insignificant factor than any other responsibilities. Here the higher authorities makes the team very effective so that that thy can work cooperatively and it also allow them to take decisions jointly. According to trait theory states that people together can take good decisions rather than single person alone.

The higher official makes the capable team so that that they can work effectively. Higher officials select the effective leaders for different teams. They will select according to their abilities. After that the leader should take care about the team members. Then leader inculcate various qualities in the team members such as cooperation, collaboration, friendly behavior, less competitive etc in the team members. He used to arrange different programmer to build up all these qualities in the group. Team leaders make all the team members to participate in the programs effectively. By doing this they can build very effective qualities in their Team members.  The coca cola company also follows this procedure to achieve great success for the organization.

So coca cola company follows different theories to achieve success, they use to follow different leadership theories for inculcating leadership qualities among the employees of the organization. Coca cola Company mainly sees these theories to build the leadership qualities among their employees. This company mainly uses behavioral theory, participative leadership theory and trait theory.

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