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The Coca Cola Company starts the project to define the future leadership in a particular and critical situation and explains the CEO/ strategic managers develop the leaders within the future organization.   The Coca Cola Company heard the executives, clients and human resource professionals in their organizations are contains the excellent talent deficiencies with their performance of employee. The Coca Cola Company contains the recruiting wars for excellent talent employees, best systems are discuss for identifying, and developing the key talent in the future to build the capacity what they actually need. This company conducts the study in between from 2006 to 2008. This study explores that the leadership skills are in lacking position.

Mainly the leadership gap focus on the two reasons in the coca cola company. The first one is leaders focus on the best and right companies but the companies are not contains the satisfactory mastered them. The second one is leaders are not hearts on the best and right companies with skills. In that, first one is “a matter of degree” and the second one is “a matter of substance”. In these both contains the either short term or long-term problem.

The Coca Cola Company contains the important seven leadership skills in the future. The skills are strategic planning, leading employees, inspiring commitment, resourcefulness, managing change, responsibility what it take and creature a quick learner.

Identifying the leadership need

To build the leadership strength in the coca cola company first identifies the leadership elements and roles. This Company identifies the 20 skills through the research with organization and leaders. They are balance the personal work and life, restoration and building relationships, quick learner, compassion and sensitivity, confronting people, composure, culturally adaptable, responsibility what it take, decisiveness, development of employee, leading people, inspiring commitment, administrating one’s career, managing change, participative management, putting people at ease, high opinion on the individuals differences, resourcefulness, strategic planning and self-awareness. This company thinks these skills like how those are useful in developing and implement the organization and leaders in present and future.

The present leadership Deficit

The survey shows that the Coca Cola Company lacking with the above mentioned important skills. These skills are effect the roles of leadership so first determine the present and tomorrow challenges. Skill managers in this company demonstrate the leader’s abilities and skills to improve the leadership. Mainly the 10 skills are improves their percentages in the future to develop and implement the strong leadership. The skills percentage rates from present to future are leading people (73%-89%), strategic planning (64%-86%), managing change (63%-82%), resourcefulness (64%-82%), responsibility what it takes (64%- 77%), inspiring commitment (62%-86%), being a quick learner (60%-79%). Present skills rates are decisiveness (60%), mending and building relationships (57%) and composure (57%). The future skills rates are balancing personal work and life (76%), employee development (79%) and participative management (81%).

The resourcefulness is a main important skill in the coca cola company. This survey shows that the present leaders are not so skilled but they are managing the present challenges. In 2009, the leaders are feel that they are contains the even less capable skills in these areas. Therefore, at present requires the many leaders with the capable abilities and skills.

Leadership gap in future

The coca cola company research is determines the present leadership and how overcome this leadership effectively in the future. Especially compare the each skill important in the future to gain the success. Today’s capacity of leadership is insufficient to gather the requirements of future leadership. Leading people, inspiring commitment, strategic planning and managing change are the future four important skills are the weakest skills for the leaders in the coco cola company. The employee development, decisiveness and balancing personal work and life areas are standard in the key gaps. The below chart shows which type of skills are belonging to the over investment, on track, reserves and key gap. 

Over investment skills:

  • Mending and building relationships
  • Composure
  • Compassion and sensitivity
  • Cultural adaptable
  • Respecting individual differences

On track skills:

  • Resourcefulness
  • Being a fast learner
  • Doing whatever it takes
  • Participative management

Reserve skills:

  • Confronting people
  • Managing one’s career
  • Put people at ease

Key gap skills:

  • Strategic planning
  • Leading people
  • Inspiring commitment
  • Employee development
  • Managing change
  • Balancing personal work or life
  • Decisiveness

The above skills are shows the future leadership gap in particular areas. 

Bridging the leadership gap

To fill the gap between present and future leadership, the coca cola company shows the some ideas for the some experiences of managers to development the efforts. The ideas are

  • Leading people:
  • Communicate with the particular skills and abilities related to manage. Manager Understand the roles of leaders.
  • Create the development assignments and training programs
    • To share the experiences develops the internal groups
    • Strategic planning:
    • Share the strategy in top management
    • Teach the strategic skills to risk management and change management
    • Support the coaching and learning
      • Inspiring commitment:
      • Classifying the vision
      • Reinforce the success to develop the opportunities
      • To encourage the managers raising the standards
        • Managing change:
        • Offers the change management discussions, classes, courses
        • Encourage the managers according to decision-making
        • Employee development
        • Develops the successful process for planning
        • Encourage the employee goals
          • Balancing the personal work and life:
          • Creates the personal behavior and styles awareness
          • Teach the organization and delegation skills
          • Examines the policies and different strategies
            • Decisiveness:
            • To determine the priorities helps to the managers
            • Develops the decision making process in the organization

Using the above guidelines, the coca cola company maintains the higher leadership capacities and leadership.

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