Latest CSE Seminar Topic 2012 on Keystroke Analysis Security

Introduction to  Seminar Topic on Keystroke Analysis Security:

After being introduced in the world of the PC and LAN, the threat to the security of personal data has raised. This threat was immediately recognized and the use of passwords and smart cards came into highlight which was secure till the new threat called hacking gets started. Then the Biometrics came into existence which doesn’t need to enter the password to access the account and the ultimate feature of authentication and identification of a person. 

Our project reveals the new technology by one of the biometric security via “keystroke analysis”. The project focuses on the typing rhythms which are one of the basic kinds of entering data into the computer. We thought of using this basic thing, Keystroke analysis as the Personal identity. This analysis recognizes the unique rhythm and style of the user keystroke in the keyboard for entering data. The typing rhythm consists of Digraph latency as the important role and kept recorded for the future authentication of the user.

The typing rhythm acts as one of the behavioral biometrics which is one of the unique feature provides the top security. 

The typing identity has been recorded for the future access. It identifies the Dwell time and Flight time of the keys to access the computer systems. This keystroke timing data is analyzed by the unique neural algorithm which keeps the pattern saved for the future access. The personal computer itself hardware without any sensor required. 

The applications of the keystroke analysis are in computer or network security, Internet transactions, banking etc. 

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