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LASER- Light Amplification of Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

It is a successful medical treatment used in the treatment of retina, neurosurgery, dermatology etc. it have interaction between laser and human tissue. It is an direct reflection at the boundaries and the molecules, cells particles get scattered within the layer. Then absorption of absorbed energy takes place. It takes the consideration and advantage of optical fiber.

Applications: Ophthalmology, photo coagulation therapy,Photo disruption therapy Fragmentation therapy, Thoracic surgery, neurosurgery.

It is used in laser therapy in teeth.  They use three types of lasers like ruby laser, carbon dioxide laser and neodymium laser. They are used in physics. Photons also emit laser, they are used for light absorption, light amplification and emission of stimulated radiation.

They are used by dental in two techniques:

– Contact mode:

– Non contact mode

Non-contact surgery requires more power than contact surgery as they have fiber optic lasers so as to achieve same tissue effect.

They are performed new extracted human teeth that did not have any previous root treatment. They are performed on the patients suffering from chronic apical periodontitis.

Precautions: some precautions are also followed by new or practicing doctor when they use laser, beam alignment of laser should be proper, laser control should be uniform, fire protection must be there in order to prevent burn, eye should be avoided from direct contact with laser, some energy is reflected back that should be avoided and most important anesthesia patients or doctor should in certain conditions only otherwise it may harm them.

Conclusion: laser has great advantage in daily life because they are highly sterile, used in non-contact surgery, reduces pain in most operations, and for children they can have painless surgery.

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