Java Projects for BCA Students on Internet Banking with Project Report

Introduction to Internet Banking java Project:

The Mobile and the Wireless Technology has been increasing very fastly and effectively in whole world. The Mobile technology has already been used in the Banking field.

The banking sector currently providing many wireless and easy transaction services on the Mobile phones such as Balance Inquiry, Debits, Mini statement, Cheque status and updating all transactions of their customers on the phone. 

The Mobile Banking lets the customer in their place and performs their transactions on the phone efficiently. The Banks is providing the value added services to their customers. The mobile banking is going to their customers when the customers cannot go to the bank for transactions.

The ATM’s is present every where to assist the customer to get information regarding their accounts. This makes Mobile Banking in great consideration in every where and increased very fastly the application use of Mobile Banking.

Now days, the Mobile Banking has been attracting the lower middle class people in the rural areas to use the technology. 

The Existing System 

The Existing system has considered regarding modification the Banking into computerization. The aim of this project is to change the defects in current system to reduce the customer visit to the Bank to do any transactions. 

The Proposed System 

The Proposed System includes the online Banking on Mobile which consists of getting information regarding the balance, getting mini statement, cheque status. 

The Proposed System Software Design 

  1. Modularity and Partitioning: The application has many systematic modules to separate the functions.
  2. Coupling: The modules should not be dependent on other modules.
  3. Cohesion: The module has to perform the complete processing function at a time.
  4. Shared Use: The duplication of the module is inhibited so that the single module can be used for single function purpose.  

Download  Java Projects for BCA Students on Internet Banking with Project Report.

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