Intranet Chatting Project Code in Java

Intranet Chatting project explains about concept of develop a chatting application through which users can communicate with remote clients who are located in LAN or Internet. This application works on client and server model where client’s requests information from server with client id and server will check requested information using client id and conform details form the database and when request is matched server will respond and user can chat with remote user.

Difference between other chat applications and normal chat applications is here we use applet applications which uses internet as server. Applets are machine independent which can work on different environment.

 Project report covers details about present system, existing system, data flow diagrams, sequence diagrams , UML diagrams .Here we provide entire project report and source for free download. Computer science final year students can download intranet related project with source code from this site.

Implementing this application can help students to gain knowledge on java programming, socket programming and networking programming.

Download Intranet Chatting Project Code in java.

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