Introduction to Information Retrieval and Knowledge Management System Java Project:

The information gathering and the knowledge management is normally based on the technical situations. The application is for the use of the user and the administrator in which the user asks a query on it which has to be answered by the administrator. The application is depended on the internet and at a time many different user can communicate with one another. 

The system is designed like this it contains 3 main modules known as the Super user, the administrator and the Student. The work of the Super user to regulate the data which is processed by the administrator. The administrator has job to edit, modify and answer the queries of the question asked by the students. The students are the last user who uses the system to ask their questions. 

The system works by getting the new query from the student that has been added in the database and can be viewed by the administrator. The database stores and identifies the type of query and make available to the administrator. 

The Existing System 

The existing system have various problems as it cannot handle the more students and their questions to a related faculty, it also cannot maintain the huge number of frequently asked questions  for the use of students. 

The Proposed System 

The Proposed system is called the Information Retrieval and Knowledge Management System. 

The Proposed system has all features from super user to control over the database to the administrator for answering queries and maintaining the frequently asked questions for the students. The student query has been sent to the related faculty and then gets the answer which is done by the administrator and again sent to student. 

The Information Retrieval and Knowledge Management System is developed by programming language J2SDK 1.4, Oracle 10g database, Operating system Windows 2000. The hardware includes Intel Pentium IV Processor 2 GHz, 256 – 512 MB RAM, 40 – 80 GB hard disk.

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