Seminar Topic on Input Output Devices

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Input Output Devices:

The input and output devices is used to interact with the computer.  The computer is known as the information processing system. The inputs are the data which is entered in the system and the output is the information retrieved from the system.  The processing activity is represented by the I/O operation. The I/O devices are used to perform an processing. The keyboards and mouse are the Input device whereas the monitor and the printer are the output device in the computer. Some devices like the modems and network cards functions as the both input and output devices. 

Mother Board 

A structured and printed circuit in the CPU which enables the user to transfer the data and the communication to the system. The motherboard have other names like main board, mobo, logic board, planer board. The various components like CPU, Memory, Graphics card, Sound card, Hard disk controller, Floppy disk, CD drive are being connected by the different connectors present in the motherboard. The mother board also possesses the connectors for the other system integrated devices like Monitor, Printer, Keyboard, Speaker, and also for the electric supply.  


The CPU or Central processing unit is the main executable processor of the computer system and a logical machine which execute the computer programs. 


The RAM or Random access memory is non permanent memory of the system unlike ROM or Read only memory, RAM is important to store data instantly while processing of data. 

Cd- Rom 

The CD- ROM is a Compact disk read only memory that has permanently stored data in it and made retrievable to the system. 


The mouse in an input device that works as the pointing device which is acting on the two dimensional motion on the Interface of the computer system. 


The joystick is a peripheral or secondary input device of the computer system that regulates by the handle stick which moves one side and transfers the 2D or 3D angle in the computer system. 


The scanner in the computer system is another input device that evaluates the images, data, handwritten documents, objects and changes into digital or virtual image. Currently the scanner has become desktop scanner or flattened. 


The keyboard is a modified form of the typewriter which has similar sequence of alphabets and numerical buttons. The character is visually printed on each button that corresponds the alphabet and numerical value. 


The monitor is visual output device in the form of the video and images which is displayed on the monitor. 


The printer is an output device of an computer system that produces the hard copy of the text or image observed and saved in the computer system in the form of paper. 

Hard Disk Drive 

The hard disk drive is the permanently storage area in the cabinet of the computer system that has rotating platters coated with magnetic surfaces. This is used to store the huge amount of data or encoded data that are non- volatile in nature. 

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