Increasing Efficiency in a Wireless Network Project

Title: Increasing efficiency in a wireless network

Study Area Review: Computer networks and network efficiency in a wireless networks.

Aims: To design a java application that can implement Mobile adhoc networking to increase the efficiency of a wireless network and achieve the QoS.

Objectives: This application has the following objectives
• To evaluate the performance of a wireless network with proper implementation of Mobile adhoc network (MANET)
• To improve the efficiency of the wireless network by introducing the routing functionality in the mobile nodes.
• To develop the code such that it can distribute the available bandwidth
• To design and implement all the possible simulation models for QoS implementation

Deliverables: This application delivers the following
• Working simulation model of MANET in a typical wireless network
• Test results to check the efficiency of the wireless network in different network configurations.
• Proper documentation that can evaluate the performance of the wireless networks with the introduction of MANET

Project Type:

This is a java application coded in a manner such that it can be implemented over many number of network configurations

Professional Project Claim

J2sdk1.4, Netbeans or Edit plus, Pentium processor to execute the operations.


Operating System : Windows XP.
Tools :  Java jdk1.5.0

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