Hospital Management System Modules

Hospital Management System ModulesThis Hospital Management System application will deal the management of the hospitals doctors, ward members, ward boys, servants etc. this application will have various modules like welcome screen then login screen, the main interface, with application interface, doctor interface services provided, ward interfaces and employee interface. Different interface will manage different steps like login interface will ask for administrator authentication.

Then there will doctor interface that will be used to put the records of the doctor working currently and who joined newly. Next will the employee panel, it will maintain the records of the all the employee that are working in different department. Ward interface will manage the ward member etc.These will the best way to manage the hospital management and other related stuff.

Hospital Management System Module Description:

Everything is stored in the data base directly and access from the data base. Data base different tables for different modules and store the data properly. It can use any data base that is safe and secure like oracle or MySQL. They are very safe as only those can login in to the application those have username and password. Once you registered yourself you will be satisfied with the work and features it provides as everything here in the application is very safe. Application cannot be deleted or it cannot be corrupt.These applications are developed by the professional engineers, these applications are very much user friendly and they use easy terms so it can be understand by any user easily. Each and every is designed properly and serves it purpose.

Hospital Management Class Diagram:

hospital management class diagram

This application mainly works on database. If in case database got affected then the whole system will get affected and it might create the serious problems in the management.

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