High-fi Infirmary Project Abstract

Introduction to High-fi Infirmary Project:

High fi Infirmary project is implemented in java platform using oracle as back end database and HTML, java script, CSS as web technologies. Main aim of this project is to implement a software application for hospitals to manage patient’s information, consultation details, patients health records other details to auto. In existing system manual method is used where data is maintained in records which is not efficient method and retrieving old records is not a easy job. In order to overcome this problem we propose high fi infirmary project in which work is done using atomized system.

This project consists of four modules admin module, patient module, intranet module and report module.

Admin Module: Main functionality of this module is to update day to day information about patients so that patients can log in to their accounts and know information. This module consists of master and maintenance sub modules.

Master sub module covers details on medical practitioners and category.

Maintenance sub module covers details about patient registration, consultation, diagnostic details, certificates and visitor details

Patient Module: In this module users should log in using user name and password to view patients information and download or view information.

Intranet Network Module: Using this module hospital staff from different locations can view patients, doctor’s information.

Reports Module: Using this module doctors, staff and patients can view reports and print reports.

For more information on this topic students can download project abstract from below download link.

Download High-fi Infirmary Project Abstract from this link.

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