Hacker Detection In Wireless Sensor Network Project Report

Introduction to Hacker Detection In Wireless Sensor Network Project:

Hacker detection in wireless sensor network project is implemented in java platform. Main aim of this project is to detect intruders in wireless sensor network such as detecting intruder in a battle field.  Using this application we can detect in appropriate, in correct or anomalous moving attackers.  This application is developed considering heterogeneous WSN model. In this project we use two wireless sensor detecting models single sensing detection and multiple sensing detection. Project is tested using simulators which show multiple sensors heterogeneous WSN is more efficient.

For more information on this project students can download reference material from below download link.

Computer science and information technology students can find more hacker detection related projects with source code and project reports for free download from this site.

Download Hacker Detection In Wireless Sensor Network Project Report from this link.

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