Five Dimensional DVD Seminar Topic

Introduction to Five Dimensional DVD Seminar:

We all know that a normal DVD can store to a maximum of 4 GB but a five divisional DVD can store 1.6 Terra bytes of data which is 300 times more than a normal DVD storage capacity.The name five dimensional DVD Seminar refers that it uses 5 dimensions for storing the data and there are 3 spatial domains included in the five dimensions. In this paper we will see how the five dimensions are used for storing the data and the architectural design of the five dimensional DVD.

Five Dimensional DVD Seminar

Brief on five dimensional DVD:

For the five dimensional DVD Seminar the new technology is used for storing the data it is nanorods which can increase the storage potential in the limited medium.

Multiplexed optical recording is the method which is an unparalleled approach which increases the storage capacity and allows storing multiple addressable patterns in the available volume. In three dimensional DVD, polarization method is followed for storing records of data each other.

The nanorods have the capability of splitting when projected under a laser light, which allows storing of multiple layers of data. The researchers are using gold nanorods because they have more stability and their tunable absorption property.

Conventional Optical Storage Schemes:

The five dimensional DVD Seminar is in a research stage and it takes a few years of time to come into usage. But by using these DVD storage capabilities gets increased a lot. As the data storage is heavy it takes a bit time to fro reading process. The ECE Seminar research is going on to overcome the drawbacks.

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