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Final Year IT Projects

February 14, 2012

In this site we provide lot of information on Final Year IT Projects which covers different programming platforms and databases. In order to implement a final year project for information technology students it is important to know about previous projects and there usage. By looking at these projects students can take reference and implement a new project for that reason we provide lot of information like project reports, project code and paper presentation. 

Below are few links which is related to Final Year IT Projects.

.Net language is one of the mostly used windows software for implementing final year projects and it supports many programming languages.

download more information on .Net Projects

 Developing projects in Java Programming language is one of the challenging tasks. IT provides platform for implementing GUI’s and Object oriented language programming.

download more information on Final Year Java Projects

As we know Linux is one the widely used open source operating systems which works on linux commands. In past view years developing software applications in linux had increased lot because of its high security.

download more information on Linux Projects

Database is commonly used in many projects where data storage is compulsory. Here we provide list of database projects which will be useful for final year it students.

download more information on Database Projects.


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  1. ranju wrote:

    sir plz send me online library management source code using j2ee to my e mail id

  2. Ahmed Goni wrote:

    The best rated project topic in IT andcommunication…!! realy need it desperately

  3. pavithra.s wrote:

    hai sir,

    please send me online library management source code using visual basic6.0 and oracle (or) php to me emil-id

  4. madhusudan wrote:

    please send e-learning project in .nety

  5. leela wrote:

    send cloud computing project

  6. prabhu wrote:

    send me any computer application programes

  7. angad wrote:

    sir plz send me easiest project’s osurce code in java…

  8. senjuti wrote:

    can you please send me any information on virtual classroom project or video conferencing project.

  9. nandika wrote:

    plz send cloud computing project

  10. nandika wrote:

    plz send project on cloud computing

  11. Anju Francis wrote:

    Pls send
    Solar based mobile charges for rural areas in vb language…and my sql

  12. atul wrote:

    send projects which has minimum work load so that i can finish that easily

  13. zoya khan wrote:

    plz send third year final projects title

  14. zoya khan wrote:

    and send me mimum work load project topics plz

  15. zoya khan wrote:

    and send me mimum work load project topics plz

  16. zoya khan wrote:

    hey plz send me minimum work load project related to information

  17. zoya khan wrote:

    hey plz send me minimum work load project related to information technology

  18. Shahbawaz malik wrote:

    Ple give minor project at my gmail id which is related to game or anything because I know oop and java.as my id is shahnawazmalik099@gmail.com.thanx for helping

  19. joshi wrote:

    Creating android /java project with me based on socket programming. UDP/TCP in java.

  20. jamshid hassan bangash wrote:

    plz send me a minor project which wll be completed in minor time and also be able o get good grade….plz send me on my my email

  21. Effiong happiness Edet wrote:

    Please send me a project topic on plant science and biotechnology that will give me a good grade and can be completed in no distance time

  22. Harsh wrote:

    sir plz send me a project report for online car show with all diagram

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