Final Year Electrical and Electronic EEE B Tech & BE project

The final year Electrical and Electronic EEE B Tech & BE project is based on Analysing of Bangladesh power system. The data is based on their requirement of the major components and according to full details from the Power Generation Company Bangladesh (PGCB).

Company all the major components like Buses,Generator,TapTransformer,Capacitor,Motors and Loads are given the counting by the company itself But, this tool is Identify to analyse contingency of the power system. To do this we take details from the database.

Total Project Report Components & Roles:

The Major role is to perform the selection operation from the, perform this suitable software to analysis this which new product available in market. Select all the information from the PSAF. The PSAF (power system application Framework)This framework is taking care of the table entry data and picture or graphical mode data ,the diagram which are in single line for drawing options other one is Generating for report to simulation. The framework is developed by CYME international TD Inc. This is the tool we can use for perfect matching in Bangladesh system to collect. The version is used for this PSAF 2.81(Revision 2.8).this is the overall operation to perform the PSAF.

The constructing the data base data should select the suitable for the software, it come constructing the network, we provide all the information from the PGCB in PSAF. All the network select can run the process of the simulation. The Simulation is the process which is run the real time process on all time, and this takes the abstract level of the system all the times. Simulation take the all the information form the source.

By taking the data from the table creates low power voltage problem. By this we can use to solves the problem is Newton-Rap son, and this the method take all the fault conditions and solves the first.

Download Engineering Final Year Electrical and Electronic EEE B Tech & BE project Report, Abstract, Documentation and PPT Seminar.

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