Enhancing Data Migration Performance via Parallel Data Compression CSE Seminar Report

Introduction to Enhancing Data Migration Performance via Parallel Data Compression Seminar:

Data migration is the process of transferring data between two computer systems in a specified format. Data migration technique is used in organizations when the systems are upgraded or a makeover is done. Data compression technique reduces the time taken for transferring the data the storage. In this paper we will see how data migration technique works and the use of data compression technique for transferring the data.

Brief on data migration and data compression techniques:

Data migration technique is employed based on the migration purpose, in database migration when the server is updated there is need for transformation of data and this does not affect the behavior of the application. In application migration we use this technique where is the platform is changed and the data migrated supports each model in the new transformation. In data migration the transfer of data is checked in a parallel mechanism whether the data has reached correctly in the specified format in the end system.

We apply data compression techniques so that the data gets compressed and it can be transferred easily and requires less storage space. The data compression we find lossless and lossy compression methods. In data compression technique snapshot is stored which is used for simulation of data of the image and to make future visualizations and analysis. If any crash occurs we can restore from the point where the crash occurred using a checkpoint.

Applications and Advantages:

By using this technique we can transform huge data without any errors and it does not vary the behavior of the new application. By using compression technique we can transfer huge data by compressing which saves the storage space and the increase the transfer rate. These are used when there is change of servers or transformation of applications and these are used in internet for processing data.

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