Introduction to Electronics Project Design and Development on Robot Firefighter:

Now a days we find fire accidents occurring very frequently in shopping malls and in big constructions. It is very difficult for the fire safety people to extinguish the fire by finding the occurrence of fire. So we use robots which can go into the fire occurred buildings and can give information to the fire people where the fire getting increased. In this we use parallax robots which are used for designing fire fighters because they can move easily in mock rooms. In this paper we will see how the firefighter robot will work and how it transmits information to the fire safety people.

Brief on working model:

The robot is attached with a DS1620 temperature sensor which measures the varying temperatures and sends information accordingly. The fire fighter robot is made to move around and it measures the varying temperature in that area and if it finds the temperature greater than the set temperature it stops and sends the information to the fire safety people.

For transmitting the information we use infrared transmitter which can transmit signals in a particular length. The robot is programmed in such a way that it measures the temperatures and makes a move accordingly but if it finds the temperature greater than the set temperature then it stops and sends the location through IR transmitter. For the movement of the robot on the wheels we use a DC motor.


By using this king of fire fighter robots we can extinguish the fire easily as we can know the exact area of fire penetration. We use infrared signals because they are effective for short communication and can withstand high temperatures. This model can be further developed by using a controller by making the robot to move to move according to our instructions and a camera can also be fixed in front of it.