Electronic Wastage’s A Poisonous Soup of 21st Century Seminar Report

Introduction to E-wastage:

This paper mainly elaborates about wastage and harmful effects on environment E-Wastage occurs due to useless electronic equipment’s which are dumped into the soil or thrown into oceans. Some of developed countries make use of undeveloped countries for dumping their E-wastage contains led and plastic which harm the nature. so we mainly stress on the aspects to reduce E-Wastage and recycling methods  to be followed

Briefly into the E-Wastage effects and recycling methods:

All the electronic components contain led in certain percentage levels mainly the batteries contains 50% of led ,monitors contain 29% of led and other product  has the less composition of led. America has been dumping its 80% of the E-Wastege in asia. In order to control this E-Wastage company’s hare to process recyclable products .the use of led and other tonic materials are to reduced and they are to replaced by metals or recyclable materials. The alloys systems have to use for replacement of led, these alloys are to be brought in to extensive use. The availability of these alloys should be more and cost effective so that the companies prefer to use these alloy materials instead of led. the CFA project will work efficient to meet the temperature requirement of the metals because the melting point of metals is more compared to that of led.

Effects of E-Wastage:

Due to continuous dumping of E-Wastage in soil, in that soil area gets effected .in such areas the water gets polluted and that soil cannot be used for agriculture purpose if the people think of that polluted water affected with dreadful diseases .after the recycling process the left out material like plastic board and microchips and other elements are burnt due to which air gets polluted .the cycle workers the point brass has for extracting small remains of toner due to which toner clouds gets formed in such areas. It has a serious effect on the respiratory system of the human beings. Many electronic ports are compromised of tiny amount of gold which is extracted by process called acidic stripping while performing this process several tonic gases are released into environment .the remaining wastage obtained after this process are thrown into rivers affect the aquatic life and humans who use the water for various purpose .thus we can conclude that E-Wastage is serious growing problem which is to reduced by taking preventing measures.

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