Introduction to electronic house:

The main aim of this project is to save the power in a house hold environment. We will employ certain techniques to reduce the usage of power. In this we are six major equipments which are use monitor all the devices present. By using this model we can have a monitor control over the devices.  All the monitoring equipments are controlled using a remote controller. The six equipments are

Remote operated gate control;

This is used for opening and closing of the gates, it has a sensor placed in front of the gate which gives us the signal on the remote so that we can operate the gate. By using this we can provide safety to the house.

Auto adjustable timer unit:

By using this timer unit we can set the time control for the working of the devices , after the completion of the time the devices gets off. This is used to set time control for devices like water sprinkler in garden, and bed lights etc.

Remote operated appliances:

This is used for controlling the devices like fan, ac, tv ,washing machines etc. All these appliances made on or off by using the remote control.

Touch sensitive burglar alarm for internal security:

This is used for providing internal security to lockers and some cupboards. The sensor placed for these things gives an alarm when touched by a un identity.

Automatic gate light and bell system:

This device is to give  a bell and puts on lights when the person is entering. By this we can the power by reducing the unnecessary use of gate lights. From the automatic bell we can know when any one is coming.

Water level indicator and controller:

By  using this we can know the level of water in the tank and it automatically puts off the pump when the tank gets full. By using these equipments we can save the power.

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