ECE Seminar Topic on Evolution of Embedded System

Introduction to Evolution of Embedded System Seminar Topic:

This paper is about the embedded system also discussed about the benefits, types and trends of embedded systems.

Innovation of Embedded:

Embedded system is a single chip which includes both hardware and software components. Microprocessor exists in embedded system as hardware and the memory part of the embedded systems consists of programs or procedures to be executed. The software exists in embedded system can alter these programs as per requirements at any time. As microprocessor is integrated with memory in this system, there is a possibility of processing data at high speed, reliability and flexibility. After developing a chip with inbuilt memory and intelligence basis, philips has released its products by including embedded technology.

Overview – Embedded Systems:

Autonomous, Real-Time, Networked and mobile are the four categories of an embedded system. Standalone mode device can be called as Autonomous. Time-based systems are Real-Time systems. Networked systems are useful to monitor other system and send corresponding data to a centralized system for clear monitoring. Mobile gadgets will be helpful to store database locally to their memory.

Embedded, Real-Time and mobile operating systems occupy less memory and satisfied more user requirements.  Application functioning dictates what processor need to be used in an Embedded system. Internal memory of an embedded system is sufficient for small applications and external memory will be helpful for the remaining requirements. Failure percentage of this system is negligible and it is around 1%. This embedded system consumes very low power. 


The embedded system is a boon for a modern gadget in terms of reliability, flexibility, high speed and less failure percentage. Embedded systems are user-friendly; these will be helpful for the users who have issues of using PC-based equipments. Simply connecting or placing the sensors to peripheral devices as per requirement for giving input in order to get the required output. Embedded systems reduce the maintenance cost and other hidden costs when compared to that of conventional systems. 

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