ECE Seminar Topic on Extending lifetime of sensor surveillance systems Data fusion model

Introduction to Extending lifetime of sensor surveillance systems Data fusion model:

This paper discussed about the sensor surveillance system and how to increase the network lifetime of this system in data fusion model. The sensors need to be scheduled to monitor the respective targets, and then only the surveillance system network lifetime can be improved. The time duration when each target is monitored by sensor can be termed as network lifetime. A set of wireless sensor nodes and target will be there in a sensor surveillance system. Always, each target must be monitored by sensors. The sensors has short battery life so there is a severe need in increase the lifetime of a sensor surveillance system as it is difficult to recharge the sensors battery whenever required. 

Data fusion model- overview of sensor surveillance systems: 

To discuss about the network lifetime extension of a sensor surveillance system, there is a need to discuss about sensing model and data fusion model.

A. Sensing model: We usually assume targets will get detected by sensors with the help of signals energy which emitted by targets.

B. Data fusion model:  By using multiple sensors, data fusion can improve the performance of detecting targets.  Sensors need to be organized into clusters in order to use in data fusion. In every cluster, cluster head is responsible to take decisions about whether the target is present or not based on the information gathered from the member sensors in the cluster. The main goal is to extend network lifetime of the sensor network. Target is monitored only if the sensors in its fusion range informs that the target is exists based on the data fusion model. Sensors are organized into number of no disjoint cover sets and each cover set totally monitors all the targets. 


Energy consumption must monitor to extend the network lifetime of a sensor surveillance systems.  If we implement data fusion model in wireless sensor networks then sensing performance will get improved. As per this paper Data fusion model is helpful to extend the lifetime of sensor surveillance systems.


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