ECE Project Report on Remote Controlling Of Green House Agriculture System by Microcontroller and Bluetooth

Introduction to Remote Controlling Of Green House Agriculture System by Micro controller and Bluetooth:

The objective of this paper is to give an idea of green house agriculture system. Generally, production of every crop depends on several factors like humidity, temperature, quality of soil and pressure. These factors keep varying with season. Due to this reason ,green house agriculture system has been developed, by using this system we can cultivate off-season crop by controlling humidity, pressure, moisture and temperature.

As the technology is advancing, further modifications such as remote controlling of system came into existence. This system is fully automatic with remote sensing. There are many advantages such as less labor, preventing usage of excess water and controls the use of pesticides.

Circuit design and operation:

The circuit consists of micro controller, sensors, Bluetooth receiver/transmitter, stepper motor, voltage supply, and transformer. The inputs to PIC 18F 4550 microcontroller are given by temperature, humidity and pressure sensors. Microcontroller converts the input analog data to digital through A-D converter.

RF media is used to transfer data. The NOKIA BH204, Bluetooth transmitter transmits the data to the USB Dongle .USB Dongle acts as a transmission media between bluetooth transmitter and computer. The computer receives the data through receiver. It processes the data according to the program written in mat lab and control signal is sent to stepper motor which is connected to control section of microcontroller.

The stepper motor after receiving the control signal, it performs the action according to signal sent and controls the temperature, humidity and moisture. 

Download ECE Project Report on Remote Controlling Of Green House Agriculture System by Microcontroller and Bluetooth.

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