E-coupled Wireless Technology Seminar Topic

Introduction to e-coupled technology:

E-coupled technology is the process by which the power gets transmitted to the electrical devices virtually without the use of chords. In this the control unit monitors the flow of power. A single power source is used for the transmission of power. By using the concept of resonance the power gets transmitted which has efficiencies greater than 98%. The power is transmitted to the devices by the authentication process.

Brief into e-coupled technology:

The dynamic control and inter operability is employed so that the power gets according to the device range, thereby reducing wastage and providing device safety. A protocol system is employed to communicate with the devices. The devices have to detect and to undergo authentication so that they can receive power according to their specified range. A parasitic metal detection is used so that the power source can run over the specified and shut down when the device do not need power. By this the power source can maintain the devices within the range and provide a higher efficiency.


 By using e-coupled technology the risk of shorting arcing are overcome. The usage of the interconnection system for the power transmission gets reduced. E-coupled technology allows simultaneous transmission of power to multiple users at a time. E-coupled technology is an echo friendly technology which does not cause any pollution. This technology is being successfully used in espring water purifier systems. E-coupled technology can completely eliminate the connector losses which in turn increases the efficiency.

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