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E-Advertisement Java Project

February 2, 2012

E-Advertisement projects main aim is to build a advertisement website for different business fields like education, Rental, Real estate, industries, website, cinema, automobiles and job portal. In present scenario usage of internet has grown and searching for solution had became important factor for internet users. So in order to get closer to users internet advertising had became a major factor for business success.

Using E advertisement web portal we provide solution for all business solutions. Users need to register with application and get unique user id and password and then submit business advertisement details to website. Website will review application and create seo friendly information for easy visibility on search engine when user searches with related keyword.

One of the important module in this application is job portal where users can submit their resume and companies can provide requirement details where both will be interacted through admin.

Admin module will look after maintenance of the site and maintain website for useless information.

For source code Refer to: Online Advertising project in java source code

posted in CSE Mini Projects, CSE Projects, Java Based Projects by Ramesh Gavva/Kasarla shanthan

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  1. sneha wrote:

    i want source code of this project

  2. parimal wrote:

    i want source code of this project

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