Dynamic Positioning System Seminar Report

Introduction to Dynamic Positioning System Seminar Report:

Dynamic positioning (DP) System is a computer technology mainly used in vessels that transports oil. This technology helps in the positioning of vessels and maneuvers them by controlling the active thrust. Many sensors are provided which helps in noting the current geographical position, wind rate and other factors which helps in maintaining the current position and heading of the vessel. 

Dynamic Positioning Systems Principles Design and Applications Includes:

A master computer and a control console which are the primary control elements and are controlled by a DP Operator. Single, dual or triple systems are provided based on the vessel security priority. A control console also known as bridge console sends and receives data

Thrusters and propulsion systems which includes a main propulsion rudders, tunnel thrusters, azimuth thrusters and a thruster control

Position controlling systems allows the DP Operator to know the exact positioning of the vessel. This includes a differential GPS navigation, hydro acoustic systems, light taut wire, laser based systems such as Fanbeam , CyScan etc.

Heading reference systems which includes gyrocompass, gyroscopes, combined sensors etc.

Environment reference systems are used to sense the environmental forces which effects the positioning and direction of the vessel. This includes wind sensors, vertical and motion references

Power Generation systems such as UPS, diesel engines, alternators which manages the power generation inside the vessels. Good power systems maximize fuel efficiency.

To maintain the current position of the vessel, a lot of factors including the external forces like wind should be taken into account. In shipping terms the terms coined for positioning are the sway, surge& yaw, while the first two helps the vessel maintain its position; yaw denotes the direction of the vessel heading. These 3 constitutes the DP functions. If the person who is controlling the DP wishes to change the vessel course, all the operator to do is to change the input in the console and also control the speed.

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