Drug Management System Project in Asp.net

Drug Management System project is web based application developed in asp.net. Main objective of this project is to manage all details of drug company which include employee details, department details, designation details, drug registration, reaction agent details.

Drug Management System Project

Drug Management System Project Modules:

  • Employees Information Module: The module manages the information of all the employees who practically exist for this organization. Each employee is exclusively associated through a specific department and authorized designation. The module manages all the transnational relations that generically arise as and when the system has been executed, upon the requirements.
  • Drug Information Module: This module takes care of the information related to all the drugs that are scheduled for investigation within the system. The module integrates itself with all the areas wherever the drug is associated and applied within the system. The module also cross checks its reference with the scheduled reaction agents and allergies along with the usage conditions.
  • Allergic Information Module: This module manages the information related to all the allergies and their associated anti-allergic medicines, which should be handled, when any allergic reaction protrudes within the system under the drug trials. The system within this module also manages the referential information related to the different symptoms through which the drug should be applied.
  • Drug Trials Information Module:This module manages the information related to the Drugs that are under the trial registry within the system. This module keeps a reference to the individuals who are participating in the system for the trial participation. The module records the Drug trials starting date and ending date. It also cross checks and verifies the authenticity of the individuals who are deputed upon the drug trials.
  • Individual Trials Information Module:This module manages the information of the individuals who have been put upon the drug trials, and the related information regarding their trials is recorded within a secured, format the systems within the executional domain allows only the specific information to be viewed by the individual.
  • Drug Trial History Module:This module maintains the standard information related to the data that is generated through the process of cross checking the drugs trials History. This module helps the organization to keep track of the executional future plans upon the system.
  • Security Module:This module maintains and manages the security standards that may be necessary in accessing the system as per the required authorization.

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