Power Quality Improvement Using 5-Level Flying Capacitor Multilevel Converter Based Dynamic Voltage Restorer For Various Faults

Power quality improvement using 5 level flying capacitor multi level converter baed dynamic voltage restorer for various faults project is a MATLAB project which explains about  DVR applications on Power distribution systems for mitigation of voltage sags, and differences caused in sensitive loads. DVR is also part of VSC called as five level flying capacitor, which is already proved solution for handling tasks related to voltage disturbances.

Performance of DVR is based on control techniques used in application. In this project control system used is based on repetitive control. Related to all control schemes which can work for comparable range, there is need of only one controller for cancelling all other disturbances simultaneously by giving best performance .

For applications in which low voltages are used, DVRs with two level converters are normally used. Application which use high power, electronic devices which work on medium voltage grid , In this case using tow level voltage converters is not possible where high voltages switches must block.

 Present System: 

In this project to design closed loop DVR control system we used five level flying capacitor converter which is related to repetitive control. In this project we use only one controller for cancelling all three disturbances simultaneously by giving best dynamic performance. This project will give results which shows regular cancellation of out voltage sags , voltage imbalances and voltage harmonics.

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