Display Data On Thin Air Seminar Report For Computer Engineering Students

Introduction to Display Data On Thin Air Seminar Topic:

Two techniques are used to represent the display technology and this is one of the latest approaches for doing away with the screen. The desktop computer monitor can be replaced with thin air displays. These can be used in museums, showrooms, trade fairs, advertisements, conference rooms and theme parks. A non transparent media are required to display images using the projectors. White screens and walls are the examples.

As air is transparent it cannot be used. Two display technologies do not require any kind of transparent media in order to project videos and images. The projecting screen can make the air as the medium of display. Helio display and fog screen technology are the examples of the above two stated technologies. These technologies are the display of images in thin air. moreover, these are free play display which means that a thin layer of moisture air can be used to project images. Air can enable to project both the videos and images.

The use of project can enable to focus the image into a mist of mid air layer thus resulting in the display in the air. These kind of images seems to be more real in comparison to the projecting screen display. This is possible although it is not volumetric. This technology enables the interavticity to the screen and this is a specialty of these technologies.

This means when they are connected to the PC using a cable cord they can work freely like touch screen supported by a software. The feature of touch screen is a complete a human interaction technology that enables touch points which ultimately make possible for the users to interact with one another without making use of input devices like keyboard mouse etc. this technology can enable to manipulate videos and images. It can also be operated with finger and hand tools.

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