Customer Support Services Project in Asp.Net

The entire Customer Support Services Project  ( in Asp.Net ) has been starting from installation of the product. When a product is installed in client side CSE assigns the installation ID to Customer and with this customer can interact with organization in future to rectify their problems. After the process of installation, this application is designed in such a way to generate a report over this installation containing the information of its start date, end date and by whom it has been installed. Not only in this particular section of this process, whenever the requirement arises, can an efficient and relevant report be generated. This system is implemented in such manner.

When Customer makes a complaint against given product, the Administrator assigns the operation of resolving the complaint to any employee in the CSE department available on organization or to CSE who is nearer to customer location. If for a specific service call, a spare is required then the CSE will go to stores, and fill the spare request form. This form is designed with the details of installation ID, product details, and spare parts of the product. If the items need to be charged, then the reports are passed on the account which will generate invoice and collect the amount. Although the CSE may handover the invoice and collect the amount, the money part of the transaction is not within the purview of this system.

Relevant to the above mentioned process of the system, this application is implemented with all the necessary entities. Upon requirement, this application has been divided into three modules, such as.

Customer Support Services

Customer Support Services Project Modules overview:

  • Administrator module.
  • Customer module.
  • CSE (Customer Support Executive) module.

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