Design and Modeling of a real time pedestrian traffic control system

Introduction and Background: 

When ever the normal working conditions of road are suspended, to provide continuity to the blocked traffic always a temporary traffic planning is required. To provide a temporary traffic control, pedestrian moments should be captured and controlled in a proper way for providing better traffic control and moment. Accommodating pedestrian across a temporary traffic control is really a tedious job, because of the changing conditions and there is no perfect pedestrian control technique in place to handle these requests.

real time pedestrian traffic control system
real time pedestrian traffic control system

Handling the pedestrian traffic control depends on few factors like work location, work type, traffic volumes and road types. Temporary traffic plan and its quality depend on the time taken to make it work and the plan depends on the changing conditions of pedestrian moments.

Quality of devices and the technical aspects also decide the pedestrian rerouting conditions.  In general pedestrians may fall in to some categories like physically disable and vision defects and all these constraints should be considered while planning a pedestrian traffic control plan and rerouting mechanism.


To make research on pedestrian traffic control systems and develop a real time tracking for detecting pedestrian using MATLAB simulation


Following are the research objectives

  • To understand the concept of pedestrian control systems and study the existing techniques to achieve this
  • To prepare critical analysis on pedestrian tracking and detecting and the corresponding advantages and limitations
  • To evaluate a pedestrian tracking and detection techniques
  • To develop a real time pedestrian tracking and detection system using MATLAB simulation
  • To analyze the results and document the observations

Following are the research questions

  • What is a pedestrian traffic management system and how it helps in tracking the real time traffic?
  • How to model a real time pedestrian traffic control system in MATLAB?
  • What characteristics should be considered when modeling a real time pedestrian tracking and how to handle the physically and mentally disabled pedestrians?

Project type 

This is a research and development project, where I will do some basic research on the pedestrian traffic control methodologies and develop a real time tracking for pedestrians

Research methodology: 

I will make use of qualitative methods of research to develop this project. I will collect the data regarding pedestrian tracking and traffic control systems and evaluate the existing system performance and develop a MATLAB based simulation to track and detect the real time pedestrians.

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