CSE Work Shop on Virtual Database Technology for Distributed Database

Introduction to Work Shop on Virtual Database Technology for Distributed Database :

         The objective of this project is to extend a database virtualization method. The data testers or additional users who applied for data removal methods to their task who can use everywhere all databases in the Internet. It helping in reduces their workloads such as data group from the Internet databases and data refinement mechanism.

In this project look at XML representations, their compensation and recommend a back end virtualization method. These methods are applicable for omnipresent databases as differential databases and object-oriented databases. All databases behaved as a single database. Then introduce a method called of virtualization of omnipresent databases describe everywhere in database representation and unified fashion using the xml representation.

It contains a high-level concept of distributed database management of the same type and of different types which is having a location transparency feature. In this project we develop a common representation to generation method and propose the virtual database query language which is use in a virtualized omnipresent database environment.

Usually huge amount of information is composed in omnipresent sensor network environments. In such data available and ornate structure, it is more important in locate, access information and trends by using data removal techniques. That data is important to support analyses and judgment making in businesses. Basically data exist in databases have various types called omnipresent databases hereinafter. That data may generally be distributed and placed anyplace.

There may be problem occurred  when anyone engage a data removal by using omnipresent databases would have to waste a large amount time for database choice and data collection. This project developed the common representation conversion program for RDB representation into XML representation. Majorly this project contains different representation constraints could be converted such as PRIMARY KEY, CHECK, NOT NULL, UPDATE,etc.

Download  CSE Work Shop on Virtual Database Technology for Distributed Database .

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