Computer Science Seminar Report on Real Time Task Scheduling

Introduction to Computer Science Seminar Topic on Real Time Task Scheduling:

This system is used when the time which is required to operate the processor of the water flow of the existing applications. The reason to develop this software is to provide the limits of the difficult responsibilities and also the job to control them properly. Some limitations are set to the systems while executing and processing the programs. This is a live running concept and always requires two or more processors at a time. This device at the time of execution is handed over some set of rules that takes the entire information of the basic material required for it to get developed.

The basic technologies that are required to develop this software are the proper Tasks this task saves the resources and connects them together at a time. The time required to realize the tasks is the time that is mainly required or needed to rescue the working or active tasks.

Limited period allotted to the tasks this are the specific period of time that is given to the active tasks to get executed.  These tasks are further sub-divided into some more types named as the Periodic tasks, Sporadic Tasks; Aperiodic Tasks are some sub types that are mentioned here.

The advantages of the real time tasks scheduling are the stage of the estimation of the responsibilities are always developed in Offline state. So that while working offline this time schedule requires less time to get executed. Real time tasks scheduling also has some dis-advantages followed by the advantages and some of them are it has lack of elasticity at run time and secondly it arise a very critical condition which the testing time of the tasks.

There are two more sub division here named as the priority execution and pre-emptive execution. And this priority execution related with the real time tasks scheduling ha s three more types called the feasibility checking, handle constructions plans and last the dispatching the events.

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