Computer Science Latest Seminar Topic on Real Time Linux

Introduction to Computer Science Latest Seminar Topic on Real Time Linux:

A real time Linux is a operating which can be defined as such a system which has the capacity of promising and timing the necessary requirements of the working processes which are in the hands of the Real time Linux. This Real time Linux is very quick and is very easy to foretell. Quick means it replies to the outside and many at a time vents in very less time duration’s. And foretell means it is capable of completing the responsibilities in given time only.

The concept of the Real Time Linux is the Real time terminologies which are used by the most Operating systems. Soft real time and hard real time are the sub types of the real time terminology. Soft real time means never completing the responsibility in given time and hard means exactly vice versa of the soft real time. Rentrant functions, Race conditions, Dead lock, Real time Quantity, Response, dead line, jitter are some of the related attributes of the Real time Linux.

The major problems of the Real time Linux are coarse execution one at a time, kernel issues, Scheduler which has EDF scheduler and RM scheduler are the two sub types of the Scheduler. Task queues, Interrupt is disabled, threading system supportable, anti priority etc… are some of the more major issues. One of the concepts of the anti priority is the priority inheritance and the priority ceilings. The priority inheritance catches the          security lock that has been demanded by the users, and priority ceilings means every user demanded lock gets its own level of inheritance.

Some of The real time Linux applications are the five additional features like firstly the HAL called as the HARDWARE ABSTRACTION LAYER which gives the platform where the Linux as well as the hard real time applications can run. The Linux capability layers, RTOS core, Linux Real time, Extendable Function packages are remaining of the four additional features.

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