Cellular Digital Packet Data Seminar Report

Introduction to Cellular Digital Packet Data Seminar Topic:

A wireless technology for the transmission of the data is called Cellular digital packet data (CDPD). It is used as the tool for business and as the technology is increasing the technology of CDPD is also increasing. CDPD network is fast by speed and accurate using cellular voice calls on the cellular telephone network.

CDPD: – It is used to connect to internet without using wire for mobile users and transfer the data at very fast speed using analog networks. It supports both connectionless network protocols and also IP service. We can send data over cell phones in two ways one is CDPD and other is Cellular switched circuit data (CSCD). Some network providers provide radio channels for transmission of the data.

Characteristics of CDPD: – CDPD is available in more than 50% of the world. It also charges roaming if we move outside the region. Networks provide full converge in metro political cities but it does not provide full converge in rural areas. Converge gaps can be created by environment or interfere with the signal. It is not too much reliable user may experience jamming if there is more demand than capacity or it may take time to connect to the internet if there overcrowding. The speed of transmission is affected by the network traffic and varies from area to area. To access this network authentication and identification is done automatically. It is charged according to sent data.

For its working it firstly search for a cellular channel, once a channel is located a link for data transmission is establish  as long as the channel is not needed for voice communication.

Features: – It work over analog network. Its coverage is same as cellular phone. It uses strong encryption between modem and severs. Full range of TCP.IP is provided by CDPD including telnet, HTTP, FTP.

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