Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing CSE Seminar Report

This paper discussed about the concepts of Business intelligence and Data warehousing. Business Intelligence is the concept of providing right information at right time to the right decision makers.  There are many BI tools are currently available in the market.  BI supports reporting, analysis and decision making and it popularly referred as enterprise-wide platform. Enterprise users can make better business decisions by gathering, storing, analyzing and providing access to the data with the help of BI tools.

Data Warehouse is a collective database which collects, transforms, loads data from various operational sources and provides the same during reporting and analyzing in a proper, specific format for various business professionals. It is a centralized, integrated, historical and relational database. Data mining is a technique of applying models and methods to data in order to identify patterns and trends. Few techniques which come under data mining related to statistical, mathematical, iterative, scalable, artificial intelligence and machine-learning concepts.  Data mining tools look for patterns like simple models, intermediate models and complex models. 

Business intelligence Applications: 

AS we know no single solution aims all business needs so there is a need to evolving of a single solution for all business intelligence applications like ad-hoc query generation, enterprise Reporting, Online Analytical Processing, Statistical Analysis, Data Mining, Forecasting, Dashboards and Scorecards.

 ABC’s of Business Intelligence: 

A refers to Access-it indicates how to connect people with enterprise resources

B refers to Business Intelligence- it indicates how to provide required information.

C refers to Collaboration-it indicates how to support business processes, productivity and how to establish interaction between internal and external clients. 

For real time decision makers there is a need of improved integration with live data. Business Intelligence tools are providing higher integration with live data by collecting or loading data from various operational sources. As data is unchained from transaction system there is a need of employees with deeper analytical skills.  Web-enabled warehouse stores mining of data. 


Enterprises across the world adopt BI solutions in order to keep business relevant, competitive and effective. Strategic purpose, Buy-in and Context are the important BI success factors.

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